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The European UNESCO World Heritage Site Challenge

The European UNESCO World Heritage Site Challenge

By on Jun 18, 2013

We’re somewhat obsessed with visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Ok, if I’m honest, it’s mostly my obsession. But over the years, it’s rubbed off on Andrew too. We have a full listing of UNESCO sites we’ve visited, over the years, on our expat blog, CheeseWeb, but there are so many more tempting us.

Early on in our discussions of full-time living in a motorhome, we talked about setting a challenge for ourselves. The first goal we set, is to visit every country in Europe. Somehow, though, that seems too easy (she writes, tongue firmly planted in cheek.)

Given the fact we’ll likely be visiting as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as we can along the way anyway, why not incorporate them into our challenge? Even I’m not crazy enough to attempt visiting all 409 European sites (at the time of writing), at least, not at first. But we are discussing visiting 5 sites in each country (or all of a country’s heritage sites if they have less than 5.)

Are we crazy? Probably. Will we give it a go anyway? Definitely.

So, for motivation and inspiration, we will be adding all of the European UNESCO sites we can to our “Travel Dream Porn” or inspiration map.

Mir Castle in Belarus

Mir Castle a UNESCO site in Belarus – Should we visit it? Why not!

The Dream Porn concept comes from Dream Save Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers (affiliate link); our major inspiration for embarking in our full-time RV living adventure. Basically it is something for us to look at every day (especially now that our goal seems so far away) and spur us on to attain our dream.

Stay tuned for more on our UNESCO World Heritage Site Challenge, as we decide how best to move forward with our plans.

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