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Andrew and AlisonWe are Alison and Andrew Cornford-Matheson, two Canadians who lived in Brussels, Belgium, for 11 years, before making our full-time travel dream a reality. In May of 2015, we left Brussels to slow travel through Europe, while living full-time in a motorhome, with our two cats.

Sound intriguing? Is does to us too! (Learn more about what inspired our dream.)

Unfortunately, we had to cut our travels short after 3 months, for family reasons. After a two-year hiatus, we are back on the road full-time in Canada. We are slowly adding the past articles from our European travels, as well as updates from our current adventure in Canada.

On, we share, not only our journey around Europe and Canada, but also how we planned, saved, and prepared, for such a big life change. As is our second home on the web, our posts here are delayed by a few months. You can read more about our travels on and get real-time updates by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Meet the Cast


AlisonAlison is a freelance travel writer and photographer. She is the founder of, a resource for Slow Travel in Europe and Beyond. She is also a founding member of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association, and an unashamed travel junkie and foodie. She can be spotted toting a Nikon, trolling gourmet food shops, and wandering hidden backstreets while trailing a parade of cats. She loves to cook, read, and enjoy a glass of wine when she’s not on the road.

AndrewAndrew is a corporate IT escapee, MBA, and freelance website guru. Andrew writes about Belgian beer for CheeseWeb. When he isn’t buried in computer code, Andrew can be found clambering over ruins and historic sites, sampling the local brew or finding the tiniest, twistiest road he can to drive on and then parking the motorhome like a boss.

OrangeOrange is the head of the human (and cat) resources department. She is the official greeter and pillow comfort tester for the team. She has the loudest purr in the land and acts as a great white-noise generator. Her favourite pass-time in the motorhome is dashboard surfing and she loves French cheese. We recently learned that Orange speaks Russian and we’re pretty sure she’s demanding caviar.

BuddyBuddy is the work supervisor and can often be spotted cracking the whip from the corner of a pillow on the sofa (or sleeping on their hands while they are trying to type.) He is the official food taste tester and gives the best snuggles in town. He is also an unashamed bed-hog and is responsible for morning wake-up calls, whether you actually want to wake up or not.